Zain Global Trading Company, led by the visionary entrepreneur Rahmathulla, stands as a prominent player in the rice distribution industry. With 12 years of dedicated service, the company has earned a reputation for providing top-tier Kayma rice to a vast clientele. Rahmathulla's unwavering commitment to excellence and affordability has positioned Zain Global Trading as a beacon of quality in the market. The company's current success is a result of strategic partnerships with major players in the culinary and event management sectors, extending its reach both within and beyond the borders of Kerala. Zain Global Trading Company continues to redefine value, offering customers an unparalleled dining experience with the finest Kayma rice.

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Zain Global Trading

"Zain Global Trading is your trusted partner for top-notch quality and excellence. As a premier supplier, we specialize in providing exceptional products and service to meet your needs. Choose us for a partnership rooted in quality and excellence."

Zain Global Trading

"Zain Global Trading is your ultimate destination for top-quality products and exceptional service. As your trusted gateway, we specialize in delivering excellence across a range of offerings. Experience the epitome of quality and service with us!"

Zain Global Trading

Step into a realm of excellence, where quality products and exceptional service converge. Your satisfaction is our priority as we redefine your expectations. Join us in experiencing the pinnacle of quality and service!


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Welcome to Zain Global Trading! Formerly operating as Aqsa Distributors, our esteemed sister concern, we have garnered extensive expertise in the supply and trade of a variety of products, including rice, basmati rice, and sugar. Situated in Kochi, Kerala, we proudly stand as one of the premier sellers of the listed products. Choose us for your bulk purchases of rice, basmati rice, and sugar, and experience unparalleled quality in both products and services. At Zain Global Trading, we are committed to providing top-notch service with an unwavering dedication to excellence, ensuring our customers receive the utmost satisfaction. Reach out to us at +918891008111/+918891007111 to explore how we can assist you. Let's embark on a delightful journey together with Zain Global Trading!

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